On June 30th 2017 we stopped all our activities of What About Leo. This website represents only an archive of our previous website. More info
  1. Leonardo Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months old
  2. Glauco Aceto Balsamico Oro Nero
  3. Nino Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  4. Stephanie Magret de Canard
  5. Luciano Prosciutto di San Daniele
  6. Alessandro & Stefano Pesto Classico
  7. Luca Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
  8. Luca Valpolicella DOC
  9. Salvatore Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  10. Glauco Aceto Balsamico Extra Vecchio
  11. Stephanie Bloc de Foie Gras
  12. Stephanie Duck Confit
  13. Niccolina Brutti e Buoni
  14. Niccolina Delizia Cioccolatosa
  15. Antonio Falanghina
  16. Luca Valpolicella DOC Superiore Ripasso
  17. Henri, Valerie, Olivier Costes du Chateau
  18. Martine Rosemary Caramel Confit
  19. Philippe & Claudie Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil
  20. Pello Chorizo Fresco
  21. Vincenzo Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil
  22. Vincenzo Pasta Sauce with Sardines
  23. José Migas de Tuna in Olive Oil
  24. Pietro-Paolo Red Tropea Onion jam
  25. Vincenzo Pistacchio di Bronte
  26. Pello Jamon curado
  27. Pello Salchichon
  28. Domenico Slinzega
  29. José Anchovies
  30. José Boquerones (Anchovies in Vinegar)
  31. Leonardo Parmigiano Reggiano 36 months old
  32. Pietro-Paolo Eggplant tapenade
  33. Domenico Bresaola
  34. Luigi & Andrea Prosecco
  35. Leonardo Parmigiano Reggiano 12 months old
  36. Luciano Prosciutto di San Daniele
  37. Heinrich Kaminwurzen
  38. Vincenzo Pistacchio Pesto
  39. Heinrich Speck
  40. Pello Chorizo Curado
  41. Pietro-Paolo Artichoke tapenade
  42. Stephanie Rillettes de Canard
  43. Henri, Valerie, Olivier Chateau Feret-Lambert
  44. Pietro-Paolo Red Chili spread
  45. Francesco Nebbiolo d'Alba
  46. Niccolina Amarettini
  47. Niccolina Cantucci
  48. What About Leo Italian Antipasti for 6
  49. What About Leo Discovery
  50. What About Leo Delicious and Gluten-Free
  51. What About Leo Summer Picnic
  52. Stephanie Duck Salami
  53. Philippe & Claudie Mackerels Fillets in White Wine
  54. Pietro-Paolo Zucchini tapenade
  55. Alessandro & Stefano Pesto rosso
  56. Alessandro & Stefano Walnut sauce

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Buy incredible food directly from the very best artisanal producers in Europe

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How it works

  1. You choose any of the products from any producer, we take care of the rest!
  2. All producers ship their products directly to us and we package everything you ordered in one single delivery to you
  3. We deliver once a month. In NL pick it up for free at one of our pickup points or get it delivered directly at home (for 6.95 Euro)

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What others say

  1. Aside from some of the best quality products, excellent services, and happy tummies, this is a great for the environment and indie famers/producers. Simply the best thing I found this year.

    William Lü on www.facebook.com

  2. Great idea, great people, and great food...!

    Armin Vermerris on www.facebook.com

  3. What I love best is that I can have some of the best products from far away in a quantity that makes it affordable.. Really great.. I would recommend to all!!

    Laurence Benson on www.facebook.com

  4. Love it! Good prices for great food!!! It' s amasing the quality of goods they propose!

    Camilla Commendatore on www.facebook.com

  5. Treat yourselves people! Also, look for great gift ideas... nothing says 'I love you' like seasoned parmesan with a drop of balsamic vinegar... yummi

    Lorenzo Grandi on www.facebook.com

  6. Amici italiani che come me vivete nella terra dei tulipani, se anche voi prima di andare a dormire vi sognate una fetta di pane croccante con dell'ottimo olio extravergine sopra, se quando andate al super vi viene la pelle d'oca a leggere "parmezan" e volete del VERO Parmigiano Reggiano , se volete festeggiare il vostro compleanno stappando un prosecchino che non sappia di cartone, non disperate, non è più necessario farsi mandare "il pacco da giù". Ci pensa l'amico Leo! "Food made with love" direttamente a casa vostra, qui a tulipandia

    Ilaria Ida Chiaratti Bonomi on www.facebook.com

  7. Delicious products from nice producers. Friendly people: both the team at What About Leo as the customers in the What About Leo community. And as they say "each bite starts with a story...", already plenty of new stories have been created. Looking forward to seeing this concept blossom and develop further.

    Samira Tanha on www.facebook.com

  8. What About Leo treated my guests at Rotterdam Wine Meetup with their food. My guests were thrilled by the amazing tastes, the stories of the producers and the personal touch! Thanks for everything!

    Eleftheria Karioti on www.facebook.com

  9. Awesome food, great entrepreneurial team!

    Michael Ohr on www.facebook.com

  10. Great idea! I like the concept of amazing European food of great quality + reasonable price + support for small producers. Well done.

    Riccardo Mattivi on www.facebook.com

  11. Simply amazing!!! Love the concept and great products these guys are getting. Keep it up.

    Sandra Caroline on www.facebook.com

  12. Nice initiative that makes it possible to buy food from local producers!

    Rody Zuur on www.facebook.com

  13. I am not a fan of many dishes but I love what you guys do. I love how you promote your products and how you engage with your customers cheers and keep it up yea

    Algero Nick Boasy Brown on www.facebook.com

  14. Diverse super lekkere producten van heel kleinschalige ambachtelijke producenten. Wij bestellen hier heel veel soorten producten al meer dan 1 jaar. Altijd top kwaliteit en top service. Favorieten: pistache pesto, walnut sauce en parmigiano of Leonardo.

    Berta Steeghs-Soos on www.google.com

  15. Fantastisch eten met een goed verhaal!

    Frank Steeghs on www.google.com

  16. Very delicious products, especially the walnut sauce with parmigiano.

    Éva Soósné Hajós on www.google.com

  17. Just gave your Parmesan to my friend, a former chef who cooked not Romania for 4 years....he was very impressed. Thank you for your efforts to bring these beautiful products to us. And please thank Leo for us

    Piek Ster on www.facebook.com

Producers we support

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  1. Luca The passionate pragmatist
  2. Martine The Flower Scientist
  3. Nino The Flavor orchestrator
  4. Pello Secret Recipe Sorcerer

What we are about

We started What About Leo as the Social Grocery Platform to discover, connect and support Authentic Food Artists and Passionate Food Lovers.

We still believe that creating a direct relationship between producers and consumers benefits both sides. Producers get a fair share and recognition for their craft, and consumers get higher quality, diversity and transparency.

We had to make the tough decision to stop What About Leo at the end of June 2017, yet it has been an amazing adventure. It was great to see your enthusiasm for our concept, the delicious products and for the really dedicated producers we discovered on our journey.

Keep choosing the best ingredients and recognize excellent producers!

Thank You!

Dominique, Fede, Jordan, Tobi, Tommaso

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