The best Chorizo you’ll ever taste

September 24, 2016

A year ago I was lucky enough to travel to Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country to meet Pello Urdapilleta, owner of a farm producing some of the best Chorizo in the world.

Pello and Maite welcomed me in their farm and then Pello took me around the fields walking among the cute and grotesque “Euskal Txerria” pigs. They are known for their enormous, floppy ears that fall over their eyes, even reaching their snouts. Their ears may drag along the ground as they forage for chestnuts, hazelnuts, beechnuts, or as they just snack on a bit of the fresh grass that abounds throughout their extensive domain.

“Perhaps it is these big, floppy ears that have made them develop their friendly and easy-going character”, I remember Pello saying while walking among them. All the pigs live freely in the 54 hectares of beautiful green fields filled with ryegrass and enriched by the different types of nuts and seeds from the centenarian native evergreens growing in the fields. With around 100 pigs, that is half an hectare for each of them. That is a quite luxurious amount of space!

It is not a surprise Pello was recognized as a Slow Food producer, following traditional methods and helping to keep alive products which would otherwise disappear.

We then sat down and spend time chatting about the most diverse topics, while tasting their incredible products. I was blown away by how intense the flavors of the Chorizo Curado were: I realized right there I had never tasted the real chorizo.

After a year of events during which we had hundreds of food lovers and experts tasting Pello’s chorizo, the verdict is unanimous: this is by far the best chorizo you’ll ever taste!

Chorizo Curado

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