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A great wine from a small family

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  1. Valpolicella DOC

    Valpolicella Grotta del Ninfeo is a ruby red wine with red and black fruit in the nose made with Corvinone, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara local grapes. In the palate, it is finely elegant and slightly acidic with a dry mouthfeel as typical of this vintage.
    1. 9,95
  2. Valpolicella DOC Superiore Ripasso

    Ruby Red wine made with Corvinone and Corvina grapes (70%) and Rondinella and Molinara for the remaining 30%. After the de-stemming, the maturation and fermentation are carried out in vertical vats under controlled temperature for 8 days. After the racking and a rest in steel vats, in January the wine re-ferments on Amarone grape skins, according to the method “Ripasso” (literally "passing once again"), for 4 days. The wine is drained off and racked in French oak tonneaux for 12 months and it finally refines in the bottle for 8 months before being released. On the nose subtle hints of red ripe fruit and coffee. In the palate, black fruits are predominant with raisins scents, silky mouthfeel, and soft tannins. The long lasting finish gives a delicate and consistent pleasure glass after glass.
    1. 15,95
  3. Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG

    Deep ruby color with ripe fruits, and toasted wood and cocoa scents in the nose. A powerful full-bodied wine that will leave you wanting more after each glass with complex and evolving sensations in the palate for each and every glass. Long finish culminating with a lingering spicy sensation. The four Amarone grapes (Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara) are hand-picked and laid on small trays into the drying-room, following the traditional process of "appassimento" (literally "drying up"). In the month of January, the grapes are crushed and go through a spontaneous fermentation for 40 days. After the racking off and the pressing, the wine is kept in French oak barrique for 30 months followed by 18 months of bottle refinement.
    1. 32,95

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What about Luca


A great wine from a small family

This summer, Peter, a member of the What About Leo community spent few days traveling in the Veneto area with his son. Being a wine and food lover, Peter spent most of the hours of the day talking to wine producers and obviously trying as many wines as possible.

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