On June 30th 2017 we stopped all our activities of What About Leo. This website represents only an archive of our previous website. More info

Meet our producers

  1. Leonardo The King of Parmigiano
  2. Luca The passionate pragmatist
  3. Stephanie The Gold Medallist
  4. Martine The Flower Scientist
  5. Vincenzo The modern traditionalist
  6. Nino The Flavor orchestrator
  7. José The keeper of tradition
  8. Luciano The Mould Connoisseur
  9. Pello Secret Recipe Sorcerer
  10. Philippe & Claudie The Fisherman & the Artist
  11. Antonio The Truth Seeker
  12. Henri, Valerie, Olivier The rising star
  13. Luigi & Andrea The Naturalist
  14. Francesco The Nebbiolo Boy
  15. Heinrich The careful smoker
  16. Salvatore The Game-Changer
  17. Glauco The Black Gold Magnate
  18. Domenico The Master
  19. Niccolina The Homebaker
  20. Alessandro & Stefano The Green Gold Masters
  21. Pietro-Paolo The Veggie Lover
  22. What About Leo The Product Seekers

… who day in & day out make their food with love & devotion.

What About Leo is on a mission to explore Europe to find the very best master artisans of food. Small in scale, but big in heart: These producers are a dying breed of artist who care so passionately about what they do; putting their heart, mind and soul into every single piece of food they produce: whether it be a leg of ham, bottle of wine or a wheel of cheese. It is a labour of love, borne from the knowledge of their ancestors, proudly inherited, and with this precious gift, dedicated to bringing you the very best quality possible every time!

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