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Our producer Alessandro & Stefano

The Green Gold Masters Pesto

A Perfect microclimate and love are the secrets to this incredible pesto

Every day we work with passion to support our Basil & Genoese Pesto!
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What about Alessandro & Stefano?

“Our history comes from a long experience in the agricultural sector and it begins in 1827 in our greenhouses in front of the sea called ‘Serre sul Mare’ “, Alessandro explains. “Thanks to the famous terraces, we were able to create strips of territory in a landscape which is not so conducive to agriculture”.

Cultivation started with vegetables, aromatic herbs, and of course the basil, which became gradually the exclusive cultivation of this company. The Pesto di Pra’ is located in the Italian region of Liguria, in the district of Genova Pra’, the most famous area for the growth of the Genoese basil. The microclimatic conditions of the area are particularly favourable, thanks to its vicinity to the sea and the exposure of the terraces to the sun. This is what makes basil cultivated in Pra’ appreciated worldwide for its fragrance and strong flavour. Alessandro proudly states, “The old farming competences which passed down generation to generation are the added value to this excellent raw material, which is also the first ingredient of our pesto, “Il Pesto di Pra’”.

Since 2003, Alessandro and Stefano started to produce artisanal Pesto Genovese next to their agricultural activity. The family tradition has been renovated and highlighted on new production processes, but always respecting the ancient Genoese recipes. “The constant quest for quality is what really makes the difference in our family; our main goal is to mix tradition and innovation”, explains Stefano. “Quality means to bring a good, fresh and safe product every day in our customers’ houses. We strictly control every step of the whole production process, from the basil growth to the pesto canning, always following the highest standards required in our sector. We also put a lot of efforts in research & development to continuously improve the taste, freshness and authenticity of our products; this happens in our modern laboratory, where we practice periodic sensorial analysis to evaluate every single product.“


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