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Alessandro & Stefano Pesto rosso

Harmonious combination of tasty tomatoes, fresh basil & sweet almonds.


Pesto Rosso (red Pesto) has ancient origins. When Genovese boats sailed to Sicily their crews took with them their traditional pesto. The Sicilians re-adapted the recipe according to the ingredients available to them and the result was a triumph of flavours, combining the ingredients and traditions of the two lands. Alessandro & Stefano’s Pesto Rosso is an harmonious and rounded combination of tasty tomato with the scent of fresh basil combined with the sweetness of almonds.

Shelf Life

Alessandro & Stefano's Pesto will keep for five weeks unopened in the fridge. Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

How to use

Never cook your Pesto; you will lose both its taste and its creamy texture. For warm preparations it should be added last and allowed to gently come to temperature. To make a pasta sauce dilute your pesto with some of the pasta cooking water as shown in this recipe.

Legal info

Olive oil, tomatoes, Grana Padano DOP, almonds, basil from Genova DOP, Pecorino Romano DOP, italian pine nuts, italian garlic, salt, chili. 130g

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What about Alessandro & Stefano

Alessandro & Stefano

A Perfect microclimate and love are the secrets to this incredible pesto

“Our history comes from a long experience in the agricultural sector and it begins in 1827 in our greenhouses in front of the sea called ‘Serre sul Mare’ “, Alessandro explains. “Thanks to the famous terraces, we were able to create strips of territory in a landscape which is not so conducive to agriculture”.

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Recipe with Pesto rosso

  1. Summer pasta with Pesto Rosso, cherry tomatoes and basil
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