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Antonio Falanghina

Crisp, fresh tasting, not too dry or sweet. DOC


Falanghina is an old grape from the South of Italy that produces a semi-dry, crisp, highly mineral and medium-bodied white wine.

Antonio’s Fannia is made of 100% of the best Falanghina grapes. The vineyard is located on an ancient volcano and the wine flavor reflects the high minerality of the ground. The color is straw yellow. The nose is clean, intense and persistent with aromas of orange, roses and tropical fruits. The taste is fresh with a clean flavor, not too dry or sweet, with a nice acidity and a long finish.

All in all Antonio’s Fannia is a well-balanced, harmonious and very pleasant wine; the kind of wine that makes you want to finish the bottle!

Shelf Life

Keep in cool room and away from light. Once opened, keep it in the fridge and drink within a week.

How to use

Serve chilled at 7-10° C.

Legal info

12.5% Abv Still White Wine

Quick tips

Antonio’s Fannia is a versatile wine that does well with both slightly acidic and savory dishes, usually seafood, but it can also handle quite punchy flavours such as garlic, capers and parsley. Try it with grilled or fried seafood, with light cheeses or salads like Caprese or Ceasar salad. On the more punchy side it will be lovely with a pasta with Alessandro’s Pesto or with Spaghetti Puttanesca. It is also perfect as an aperitif, on its own or with various appetizers.

What about Antonio


Extreme thermal excursions make the production of wines with strong scent and of a great longevity. Here the wines are produced in the name of the authentic agriculture vocation.

We were driving through Molise, one of the smallest wine regions in Italy, looking for local wine varieties, which we had heard, were plentiful in this region. We were in the Province of Isernia, in the upper valley of Volturno, a territory characterised by small plots of land on gentle slopes protected by high mountains. It is a region with a long tradition in agriculture. It has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic, 700.000 years ago and wine is being made here since the 1st century B.C., as proven by a Roman stele.

More about Antonio

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