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Our producer Domenico

The Master Bresaola

Even within Valtellina which is renown for its Bresaola, we were blown away by the quality of Domenico's products!

We've been here since before there were supermarkets in the area!
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What about Domenico?

Domenico and Maria started their local butchery 30 years ago in one small city of the Valtellina region, in the North of Italy. “When we arrived here” remembers Maria, “there were no supermarkets in the area and we were the only butcher around. We started our production for the people living around us and very quickly decided to transform the high quality local beef into delicious Bresaola”. Valtellina is especially renowned for its Bresaola, thanks to the unique climate of the valley. Throughout the year fresh, clean and dry air descends from the heart of the Alps, keeping the temperatures low and creating ideal conditions for the gradual maturing of Bresaola. Add to that an abundance of verdant pastures where selected breeds of cattle graze freely and you have all the ingredients for a typical product, unique and inimitable.

“But the climate is not the only factor” tells Domenico. “Bresaola processing steps must follow strict rules, that tradition has turned into a veritable ritual, repeated through the generations with passion and professionalism. You recognise the craftsmanship of the butcher in his ability to choose the best cuts of adult cattle, the way he trims them and his skilful balance of the spices and herbs used for the curing”.

We actually discovered Domenico and Maria’s Bresaola by chance and were immediately blown away by its tenderness and flavour. Domenico and Maria are always very concerned about the quality of their cold cuts, their production is small and they do not want to ship their Bresaola until it has reached the proper age. This means that we sometimes have to wait until a batch is ready. But we promise you, it is worth the wait!


Domenico's Products

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