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What about Francesco?

Francesco Rosso’s winery is a relatively young company. It was founded in 2001 in Roero, in the North – East area of the Cuneo Province near the famous Barolo region. However Francesco’s family has deep roots in the terroir and the wine making traditions. For several generations they have dedicated their entire lives to agriculture in the Roero region. Francesco’s grandfather’s obsession was to produce what he called the ‘good Nebbiolo’. He always had a small note book with him and kept meticulous notes about the seasons, the weather, the price of tools and products, actually everything that could potentially influence the vineyard and the wine production. Francesco’s father preferred to grow vegetables. Francesco inherited his grandfather’s passion for wine. He decided to bring back to life the nearly abandoned vines and continue his grandfather's quest for the ‘good Nebbiolo’.

And we can tell you: This has been a successful quest!

When we arrived at the winery Francesco placed two glasses of different wines in front of us and asked us: "Try these two wines, and tell me what you think". We tried and loved it but we were actually a bit hesitant to name the wine. Francesco saw our hesitation and said: "Some people get confused and believe that it is a Barolo, but as we are not in the Barolo region they don’t dare to say it aloud. It is normal, you are not the only one. In fact last year two sommeliers came to me for a blind tasting. They were just coming from a wine event during which they had been tasting only Barolos. They tried my Nebbiolo and both asked: "Is this Barolo as well?". They immediately bought some bottles!"

This is what Francesco calls the ‘good Nebbiolo’!


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