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Glauco Aceto Balsamico Extra Vecchio

25-years old. Rich & complex. Less than 100 bottles per year. P.G.I. CSQA


The “Oro Nero Extravecchio" balsamic vinegar starts in the same way as "Oro Nero". It is then aged for 25 years in successive barrels of oak, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, and juniper wood, each precisely long enough to produce the perfect taste mix. This system is called a "battery" and it exploits natural evaporation in hot summers, slow decantation, and an yearly racking from the larger barrels down to the smallest one. Each year only half a liter can be bottled from the smallest barrel of each battery, resulting in fewer than 100 bottles per year. This is how special this balsamic vinegar is!! It has developed a richness and complexity of flavours truly unique and can best be appreciated in really simple combinations.

Shelf Life

Stored in its bottle in a dry and dark environment Extravecchio can be kept almost infinitely.

How to use

Just drizzle a couple of drops to finish a dish. The taste is so intense that a little bit will go a long way!

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What about Glauco


You won't believe your taste buds!

We first met Glauco in Piacenza, at a small food fair. He was standing behind his small table and proudly telling the story of his Aceto Balsamico “Oro Nero” (“Black Gold” Balsamic Vinegar).

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