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José Boquerones (Anchovies in Vinegar)

Prepared by hand. Mild and fresh flavour. Slow Food.


José’s anchovies are wild-caught via sustainable fishing techniques from the waters of northern Spain and delivered fresh to his cannery, one of only three which are Slow Food certified for the production of anchovies. There the anchovies are marinated, hand-filleted to ensure no bone remains and lovingly placed one by one in their can. Boquerones are marinated in vinegar instead of being cured in salt, which gives them a mild and fresh flavour. José’s Boquerones are high quality, plump fillets with just the right touch of acidity. They are packed in neutral oil to preserves their delicate texture and very mild taste.

Shelf Life

José's anchovies are delivered in resealable cans and will keep for several months refrigerated, even after the can has been opened. Just make sure they are always submerged in the oil (add some if necessary).

How to use

José's Boquerones are packed in neutral oil in order not to overwhelm their delicate flavor. Drain the Boquerones from their oil. Lay them on a serving plate and add some of Nino's olive oil, thin slivers of garlic and some parsley. Allow to marinate for a few minutes to blend the flavours and serve at room temperature.

Legal info

Premium anchovies, vinegar, oil, salt. Net Weight: 185 gr, drained weight: 150 gr, 35-40 fillets

Quick tips

What about José


Fished with traditional techniques and prepared by hand

We meet with José and one of his three sons Gudiker in the small harbor of Bermeo, on the North West Spanish coast, an area known as the Cantabrian Sea. They own and work in one of only three companies which are Slow Food certified for the production of anchovies.

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Recipes with Boquerones (Anchovies in Vinegar)

  1. Chickpea salad with red pepper, eggs and boquerones
  2. Boquerones with parsley
  3. Bruschetta with Boquerones and avocado
  4. Skewer of Boquerones and green olives
  5. Matrimonio: salted anchovies and Boquerones
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