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Luca Valpolicella DOC

A quality wine made for sharing.


Valpolicella Grotta del Ninfeo is a ruby red wine with red and black fruit in the nose made with Corvinone, Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara local grapes. In the palate, it is finely elegant and slightly acidic with a dry mouthfeel as typical of this vintage.

Shelf Life

Keep in a cool room and away from light. Once opened, keep it in the fridge and drink within a week.

How to use

Valpolicella is good to drink now but can be kept several years. Serve at cold room temperature, 14°-16° C. The wine will benefit from 45 mn to 2 hours of decanting.

Legal info

750ml, 12.5% Abv (Alcohol by Volume), Still Red Wine, Denomination of Controlled Origin (DOC).

Quick tips

This wine matches well with main courses, cold cuts, red and white meat served chilled.

What about Luca


A great wine from a small family

This summer, Peter, a member of the What About Leo community spent few days traveling in the Veneto area with his son. Being a wine and food lover, Peter spent most of the hours of the day talking to wine producers and obviously trying as many wines as possible.

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