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The Naturalist Prosecco

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I have a lot to live up to - four generations of expectation on my shoulders
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What about Luigi & Andrea?

Luigi's grandfather had very humble origins, and started worked in the vineyards to produce wine for his family. Two generations later, Luigi decided to use the knowledge he had garnered from his family to turn their small domestic production into a high quality company. Today, supported by the great energy and entrepreneurial vision of his son and daughter, Andrea and Tatiana, the domestic winemaker has become a renowned name and is getting attention from the wine community.

We were introduced to Andrea and Tatiana by a common friend. Once we arrived in Vas, the city near the river Piave in the north east of Italy, we started understanding why everybody was talking so positively about this winemaker. Behind his friendly and modest attitude, Andrea holds a deep and extensive wine knowledge. He studied oenology in Conegliano, the holiest city for Prosecco and, together with Luigi, has invested in technology and implemented modern processes. It is this balance between traditional knowledge and cutting-edge technique that has brought the company to a whole new level of quality.

Andrea poured their "Andrea Biasiotto" Prosecco for the first tasting. While sipping the perfectly balanced sparkling wine, he shared his belief that traditional distribution cannot support smaller producers, as pressure on margins makes it impossible to focus on quality and create a direct connection with consumers. We then immediately understood we were in the right place.


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