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Our producer Niccolina

The Homebaker Cookies

Better than home-baked!

Most days we start at 5am and keep baking till 7pm.
  1. Amarettini
  2. Delizia Cioccolatosa
  3. Cantucci
  4. Brutti e Buoni

What about Niccolina?

We had heard great things about Niccolina and her sisters’ cookies, so we were very excited to visit their bakery. We arrived at their address and actually drove past it a couple of times before realizing we were indeed at the right place. There was no formal bakery, they were literally baking cookies inside their own home!

We passed two large (and friendly) dogs at the gate, stepped through a door of what could easily be confused with a small house kitchen and landed in cookie heaven! The smell of freshly baked cookies, the warmth of the ovens constantly on, and the repetitive sound of someone breaking eggs. Niccolina works together with her two sisters, a friend, and an older lady. Together they produce around 30 types of cookies, some of which are biological and/or vegan. Everything is done there, in those two rooms, all the way from breaking eggs, mixing all the ingredients, cutting and shaping the cookies, baking them, and packaging them. “We typically produce on demand”, explains Niccolina, “so we are sure that all products we ship are always fresh. Whenever they are ready we ship them out”. It is a really tough job: they often wake up at five in the morning, start baking, and keep working till seven in the evening, weekends included. There is simply not enough time to bake sufficient cookies. The best part of our visit? Being treated to a tasting of all sorts of cookies fresh out of the oven. After saying goodbye to Niccolina, with the smell of freshly baked cookies still in our memories, the only thing we coud think about was: When could we plan our next visit for some more cookies?


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