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Niccolina Delizia Cioccolatosa

Intense dark chocolat, candied orange & almonds. Organic, vegan, gluten-free.


Niccolina’s cookies are handmade with natural products following traditional Tuscan recipes. They contain little sugar and no preservatives nor flavouring agents. "Delizia Cioccolatosa" translates as something like "Chocolaty Delight", and this is exactly what it is! A combination of hazelnuts, cream, chocolate, candied oranges, almonds and rice malt create a rich, sweet, and fruity flavor. Its consistency makes every bite a long and lasting explosion in your mouth. Gluten free!

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Fantastic with coffee!

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Hazelnuts, cream, chocolate, candied oranges, almonds, rice malt

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Better than home-baked!

We had heard great things about Niccolina and her sisters’ cookies, so we were very excited to visit their bakery. We arrived at their address and actually drove past it a couple of times before realizing we were indeed at the right place. There was no formal bakery, they were literally baking cookies inside their own home!

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