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Pello Chorizo Curado

Free-range heirloom porks. Intensely flavoured, not spicy. Slow Food.


All Pello's charcuteries are made from his own “Euskal Txerria” breed of pigs. They are adorable looking animals; big easy-going black pigs with enormous, floppy ears that fall over their eyes! At Pello’s they roam freely in the fields and under the century old trees, gorging on the nuts and seeds. Such happy pigs make superlative meat! Pello's Chorizo Curato is a dried and cured sausage in a casing. It has a very dense and almost chewy texture and get its distinctive smokiness and deep red color from dried smoked red peppers. Pello's Chorizo Curato is intensely flavoured without being spicy.

Shelf Life

Pello's Cured Chorizo is delivered vacuum packed and will last for months unopened in the fridge. Once open wrap it in a clean cloth, keep it refrigerated and eat within 3 weeks

How to use

Pello's Chorizo Curato is delicious eaten as-is, casings and all. Serve it at room temperature, in not too thin slices, as part of a tapas plate. It will also be great lightly grilled or added to soups and sauces for richness and flavor.

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What about Pello


The happiest pigs in the world! And you can taste it!

Getting to Pello's farm is no easy quest, as it is hidden away among the wood covered hills, along a winding and steep road next to a small village. After asking quite a few people we are getting closer and meet Marcelino, a 94 year old farmer who lives a few hundred meters away. He chats happily with us: “We don’t get many people around here” he says, so he keeps us a bit longer, chit chatting about his grandsons.

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Recipes with Chorizo Curado

  1. Sautéed Zucchini with Chorizo, Basil and Lime
  2. Portobello Pizza
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