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Our producer Philippe & Claudie

The Fisherman & the Artist Fishing and painting

Locally caught at the best moment of the season and canned by hand

I have always loved canned sardines. My dad at them for breakfast!
  1. Mackerels Fillets in White Wine
  2. Vintage Sardines in Olive Oil

What about Philippe & Claudie?

Philippe’s family has been canning sardines for more than 100 years in the harbour of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, in the Vendée region in West of France. Claudie is a passionate Epicurean, lover of all that is good and beautiful. In 2004 they decided to join forces to change the image of canned sardines and create an exceptional product. Born in Vendée, Claudie has since childhood, always looked to the sea. For as long as she remembers she has always loved canned sardines; her father always ate them at breakfast! It is a product everyone knows, simple, good and very healthy. But Claudie’s goal was to make people rediscover sardines differently. She wanted to ennoble it, embellish it and sublimate it. What is the recipe? Strive for perfection at every step of the process and create vintage sardines that improve with time. Most sardines are frozen on the boat, then defrosted and canned. Philippe & Claudie’s sardines are locally caught at the best moment of the season and arrive fresh at the cannery. There they are cleaned by hand and placed one by one in their can, before being covered with olive oil. The cans are kept for at least one year before being sold. They are delicious immediately but as they age, they mellow and mature in flavour, becoming more nuanced. The bones soften and nearly disappear and the texture becomes soft and plump. Additionally, the olive oil and the oil of the fish mix their various aromatic compounds with one another. But Claudie’s ambition was not only to produce an exceptionally tasty sardine; she also wanted to create beautiful cans. Canning sardines by hand requires precise and delicate movements. This is why it is always done by women. Claudie wanted to celebrate those women and asked artists to design poetic cans which pay tribute to them. Delicious and beautiful, what else do we want?


Philippe & Claudie's Products

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