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Our producer Pietro-Paolo

The Veggie Lover Vegetable Spreads & Preserves

Home grown vegetables and traditional preservation techniques bring the unique taste of the remote region of Calabria

When I left home, I took the preserves made by my mother to help me with my homesickness
  1. Red Tropea Onion jam
  2. Red Chili spread
  3. Zucchini tapenade
  4. Artichoke tapenade
  5. Eggplant tapenade

What about Pietro-Paolo?

When Pietro Paolo left his birth land of Calabria he took with him a number of his mother’s vegetable preserves to help him fight home sickness. Once they were finished he decided he needed to learn how to make them himself. He planted a vegetable garden, using the seeds he had brought from Calabria and started preserving his produces following his mother’s recipes. As more people learned to love his preserves Pietro Paolo started the company "Lanterna di Diogene" in Rose, a small municipality in the Province of Cosenza. He initially started with a series of workshops but today the company has developed into a farm that grows its own vegetables, still from the seeds brought from Calabria.

“I wanted to rediscover the tastes and smell of genuine products from Calabria” says Pietro Paolo. “I named the company after Diogenes of Sinope, who is said was running, even during the day, with a lantern in search of the true man! The lit lantern symbolizes the attempt to shed light within men who have strayed from the true values of life. The man has complicated every simple gift of the gods”, adds Pietro Paolo, “like Diogenes I believe people need to get back to nature and simplicity. This is why all my products are made with home-grown seasonal vegetables and strictly handcrafted according to Calabrian ancient traditions without the addition of any preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. These techniques keep the natural flavours and fragrance of the vegetables intact, even after a long time of preservation.”

While we were at Pietro Paolo’s a courier came to get a package that needed to be delivered. The courier was not very careful and handled the package a bit roughly. “Stop, stop” shouted Pietro Paolo, “please treat it with care, don’t put it upside down. I put so much work, dedication and love into these pots, it would break my heart to see them damaged!”.


Pietro-Paolo's Products

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