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Pietro-Paolo Zucchini tapenade

Hand-made with homegrown vegetables. Zippy zucchini, garlic & mint flavor.


This tapenade contains only zucchini, oil and salt with a point of garlic for some bold Mediterranean zip and a bit of mint for freshness.

Shelf Life

Pietro Paolo's spreads will keep for 2 years unopened at room temperature. Once opened keep refrigerated and consume within 4 weeks.

How to use

Tapenades can be used either cold or at room temperature. Never cook them or they will lose most of their flavour.

Legal info

200g - Zucchini, garlic, mint, olive oil, sunflower oil, salt

Quick tips

Tapenades are super versatile:

What about Pietro-Paolo


Home grown vegetables and traditional preservation techniques bring the unique taste of the remote region of Calabria

When Pietro Paolo left his birth land of Calabria he took with him a number of his mother’s vegetable preserves to help him fight home sickness. Once they were finished he decided he needed to learn how to make them himself. He planted a vegetable garden, using the seeds he had brought from Calabria and started preserving his produces following his mother’s recipes. As more people learned to love his preserves Pietro Paolo started the company "Lanterna di Diogene" in Rose, a small municipality in the Province of Cosenza. He initially started with a series of workshops but today the company has developed into a farm that grows its own vegetables, still from the seeds brought from Calabria.

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