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What about Salvatore?

Salvatore's family has been devoted for three generations to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil. Salvatore is a likeable man, close to his sixties. He speaks of the heritage handed-down by his forefathers with pride and passion and is dedicated to preserving the tradition and experiences.

The “Le Tre Colonne” farm is located in Giovinazzo, a small town 18 Km north of Bari, Puglia, a region rich in millenary olive groves dating from the Greek colonisation and known worldwide for the quality of its olive oil. On his 25 hectares, Salvatore takes care of approximately 6000 olive trees, most of which are more than a century old.

Until 2007, the farm produced generic extra virgin olive oil, sold on the market without an own label. But Salvatore had decided to dedicate his life to the production of a superior quality extra virgin olive oil. From the moment he inherited the farm in 1986 he put all his efforts in updating the equipment and the production processes while preserving the crafts and traditions from the earlier generations. The year 2008 represented a milestone for the farm with the birth of the brand Le Tre Colonne. The same year, the extra virgin olive oil Le Tre colonne obtained the P.D.O. mark (Protected Designation of Origin) that guarantees the origin, type and quality of the oil produced according to very strict standards.

Salvatore speaks with emotion: “Selecting the Coratina olive to produce a single cultivar olive oil has been a very tough decision. Coratina is considered a difficult cultivar. It is a late maturing olive that can produce very aggressive, especially bitter and spicy oil. This is why it is traditionally blended and not sold pure”. Thanks to his drive and his relentless attention to quality, Salvatore managed to retain all the flavour of the Coratina olive without any of his aggressivity, making of “Le Selezioni Coratina” an excellent product, recognised year after year by multiple international awards.


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