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Stefano Pecorino

Ripened in 15th century cave, intense aroma and rich flavor. P.D.O.


Stefano’s Pecorino is produced in Tuscany with the very best unpasteurized ewes milk. It is first ripened in refrigerated cells for 60 days. The cheese is then moved to a 18th century underground cave in Roncione, a locality very close to Stefano's plant. The cheese matures for another 90 days on wooden boards full of straw, which absorbs the humidity and aids the transpiration of the lower part of the wheel. The result is a unique Pecorino with an intense aroma and a rich and fragrant flavour that is intense but never strong.

Shelf Life

Stefano's Pecorino is delivered vacuum packed and will last for months unopened in the fridge. Once open keep it refrigerated and eat within 3-4 weeks.

How to use

Take the cheese out of the fridge 30 min in advance and serve it at room temperature in not too thin slices.

Legal info

600g Contains milk

Quick tips

What about Stefano


Incredible Pecorino right out of the history books

This story begins three generations ago with two brothers, Alessandro and Luigi. Both shepherds and expert cheese makers they were using the long months spent in the mountains with their flock of sheep to transform the fresh milk into caciotte and pecorino cheese.

More about Stefano

Recipes with Pecorino

  1. Spaghetti with oven-roasted tomato sauce with salami, olives and pecorino
  2. Pasta Cacio e Pepe
  3. Pan-roasted onions with Prosciutto di San Daniele and shaved Pecorino Roncione
  4. Broad Beans, Peas, Pecorino & Speck Salad
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