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Our producer Vincenzo

The modern traditionalist Pasta sauces

You can taste Sicily in each bite!

One thing is to cook a good pasta sauce for four people, but a whole other game to make it perfect for 100 pots!
  1. Pasta Sauce with Sardines
  2. Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil
  3. Pistacchio di Bronte
  4. Pistacchio Pesto

What about Vincenzo?

It was 1992 when Vincenzo, 31 years old, decided to stop his monotonous job as a truck driver and start a new venture following his passion for cooking. He had always been curious in the kitchen and, when not on the road, spent time cooking typical Sicilian recipes.

Vincenzo is a caring man, putting passion and paying attention to details in whatever he does. You can see this from the way he fixes his tie before putting on a white coat and moving to his large kitchen. For the last 24 years he has been perfecting recipes, with patience and intuition, always starting from the best fresh local ingredients, applying artisan methods and continuous quality checks. “One thing is to cook a good pasta sauce for four people, but a whole other game is to be able to consistently deliver the same taste when you prepare 100 pots of the sauce. I am cooking all the sauces myself, giving my personal touch to each of my recipes. This is the only way you can make sure people will taste your passion for what you do”, says Vincenzo.

Vincenzo’s company, Gioilello Sicilia, is based on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Vincenzo started by producing honey and progressively extended his offering to a range of typical Sicilian fare. Maria Pia, Vincenzo’s daughter, tells us proudly “My father never copied a recipe, he selects the best ingredients and inspires himself from traditional recipes but, at the end, he makes his own creations”. This creativity and dedication has been rewarded year after year by numerous prizes and distinctions at the famous dell'Ottobrata Zafferanese festival, which each year celebrates the gastronomy, music and art of Sicily.


Vincenzo's Products

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