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Vincenzo Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil

Delicious balance of flavorful fish and fruity olive oil.


Sgombros are mackerel fillets. Mackerel is a tasty oily fish, rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids that contribute to the maintenance of normal heart and brain function. Vincenzo Sgombros are locally fished and prepared carefully by Vincenzo. They are meaty mackerel fillets packed in fruity olive oil. The olive oil tams the "fishiness" that is sometimes present in mackerels and the result is an harmonious balance of sea, fruit and salt.

Shelf Life

Vincenzo's Sgombros will keep several years unopened at room temperature.
Once open keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days.

How to use

Just as-is, partially drained of its oil if necessary, and maybe with a touch of lemon.

Legal info

Mackerel fillets, olive oil, salt. Net Weight: 300 gr

Quick tips

What about Vincenzo


You can taste Sicily in each bite!

It was 1992 when Vincenzo, 31 years old, decided to stop his monotonous job as a truck driver and start a new venture following his passion for cooking. He had always been curious in the kitchen and, when not on the road, spent time cooking typical Sicilian recipes.

More about Vincenzo

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Recipes with Mackerel fillets in Olive Oil

  1. Salade Niçoise with Vincenzo Sgombro
  2. Bruschetta with Mackerel, roasted tomato & rocket
  3. Bruschetta with Mackerel, avocado and pickled onions
  4. Mackerel, onion, celery, fennel, parsley, capers, olives & Anchovy salad
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