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Vincenzo Pistacchio Pesto

Hand-made, ready to use, fabulous pistachio pasta sauce. P.D.O.


Sicily is the only place in Italy where pistachios are grown. Their cultivation dates from the Arabian invasion and it is laborious work. The trees only bear fruit every two years and are planted in areas that prevent the use of machines to harvest the fruit. Bronte pistachios are world-renown for their intense, full flavour, bright green colour and grassy aroma, which comes from the mineral rich soil and the Sicilian sun and air. Vincenzo’s Pistachio Pesto is hand-processed from the best Bronte pistachio. It is a typically Sicilian product. Made exclusively from Bronte pistachios, salt and oil, it has a flavour that is delicate and rich at the same time.

Shelf Life

Unopened: at least one year. Once opened keep refrigerated and eat within 3 days.

How to use

Never cook your Pistachio Pesto; you will lose both its taste and its creamy texture. For warm preparations it should be added last and allowed to gently come to temperature. To make a pasta sauce dilute your Pesto with some of the pasta cooking water.

Legal info

Pistachios, sunflower oil, salt, pepper

Quick tips

Pistachio Pesto has an uncanny affinity with Leonardo’s Parmigiano. The Parmigiano just sublimes the pistachio taste!

What about Vincenzo


You can taste Sicily in each bite!

It was 1992 when Vincenzo, 31 years old, decided to stop his monotonous job as a truck driver and start a new venture following his passion for cooking. He had always been curious in the kitchen and, when not on the road, spent time cooking typical Sicilian recipes.

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Recipe with Pistacchio Pesto

  1. Pasta with Pistachio Pesto
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