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Delivery options

In the Netherlands we currently offer two ways for you to get your products.


In we have partnered with a few local businesses where you can pick up your order the first week of each month. Click on the locations on the map for the list of pickup places.

Home delivery

You can receive your package at home or office for 6,95 Euro by selecting the home delivery option. We currently deliver to all locations in the Netherlands.

Outside of the Netherlands, we deliver all products except for wine, to the following countries:

  • Austria: 10,95 Euro
  • Belgium: 8,95 Euro
  • Denmark: 10,95 Euro
  • France: 10,95 Euro
  • Germany: 9,95 Euro
  • Ireland: 19,75 Euro
  • Italy: 19,75 Euro
  • Luxembourg: 10,95 Euro
  • Portugal: 19,75 Euro
  • Spain: 19,75 Euro
  • UK: 10,95 Euro

We deliver anything you order the first week of each month. You will find the delivery date on the checkout page.

Would you like to receive our products in another EU country? Contact us and we will try to make it happen!

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